Saturday, March 10, 2012

At the end,I'll smile

Hello dear.This week is a really stressful week,and it has not end
next week ,I still have to face an exhausting week.Well,I have mid-semester final exam.
That is a determination for my plan of increasing my score.Okay,I know maybe it will vain later.For what we get good scores?And whether it affects the future?I have heard many stories about clever people but at the end,they just got regular job.Meanwhile,the "stupid" one could be a boss
so all the effort and the test results,the compliments called "clever".. where did it disappear?
I actually do not want to be too obsessed but now the scores are important.It feel like save family money from economy crisis,as I can get the first rank,I will get the scholarship and only the "overall champion"that can get it
So,my obsession now...yeah,to be the "highest" and "cleverest" among my generation(and also other generation)

Last year,I got the first highest score among all in the first and second term,and I got scholarship in the first and second term
But this first term,I think I won't get it.And actually noone gets it.I think its because in my report,my  socialscience just too bad meanwhile my socialscience scores evenly 100

So ,this is my last post of a week.And if you comment here,I will assume it as prayer and goodluck.
And I will do the best,learn everything so at the end,I will smile

certificate as the first rank allover the class in seventh grade
geeky day

hey dear,I'm so confuse.Learning is just too mainstream but i'm nerdy and geeky
 but its okay.I'm fabulous geek

 look my pin !
 I like this pic.My face looks like an art

Today.I went to school for an event.I dont in mood with it so I just use what I find.
Then,back to lessons.I have books to go now

I just hope your wish.Sorry these photos are "in-hurry" photographs as I'm so busy


  1. Hiya dear!! Thanks for visiting me, I appreciate it. I hope the stress of school goes away soon. Just do your best and all will be fine. Wish you lots of good luck with everything!! Have a great weekend! x Sure we can follow each other too :)

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  6. love the floral skirt ur wearing.... good luck with your studies!

    cheers, Carla

  7. Hi dearest!

    Thank you for dropping by and i follow you!
    Keep up the good work and get those hig scores, it will pay later in your life

    Ariane xxxxx

  8. love the skirt! Yeah, jobs can be a bit hit or miss, but good grades can only be a benefit right? Keep going xx

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  14. Hi! Don't get too overwhelmed by school and work. It's better to keep everything balanced. Tell your copybooks: hey I have a life too!
    Wish you lots of good luck!!!

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  16. Don't learn too much it's not healthy !:)
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  35. aw thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment.
    I wish you all the luck with your exam,sounds amazing you did so well on your last one and got a scholarship! You must be super clever.
    I think grades help with jobs,but wether you do well in school or not,I think it's all about how much you want to succeed,cos if u want something bad enough,you can make it happen.
    Following your gorgeous blog,and I hope you have a lovely weekend x

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