Friday, November 30, 2012

Fairy of Fortune

Ceaselessly temptation in scores. The last turning point for score competition is this. The last examination! Wish me luck and I'll try my best ! A big sorry for not blogging. Too bad I can't take any photoshoots currently and cannot reach or comment back! After this, I'll be visiting back you all :'D

SO I MADE THIS SKETCHES. Sorry if the angle of capturing is not really good.

This character is originally from Fairy tail-anime/manga. The fairy tactician or the fairy tail first master. 

My sketch about my future job lol

character credit : HIRO MASHIMA
Umm about when did I love reading fiction? It has been very long as people have imaginations what they want to do that seems is not going to be true.

I have time to blog so I will make this post for sharing. But this is about my school and scores. You may skip if you're not interested ^^
1.The teachers of my 'rivals' are different (rivals mean friends and supporters for me. They're really challenging me to do the best! Thank you! credit's given to : Vannessa, Caroline, etc)
-English : me----> Mrs. Nir, they: Mr. Panji
Mrs. Nir is a very good teacher but for tasks, she has never given score above 90 meanwhile Mr. Panji will give you 100 for sure.
Mrs. Nir's English tests are a bit harder than Mr. Panji, for instant, Vannessa my score rivals received 75 for many English tests last year when she was taught by her
-Math  : me---->Mr. Edi, they: Mrs.Yohana
He is the master of math and I can bet he's the cleverest teacher here:s He claimed doing math is drinking tea. The test will be really different with what he taught.
Mrs. Yohana gives easier kind of math tests
-Indonesian : me---.>Mr. Doni, they : Ms.Keiko
I have ever learnt Indonesian language with Ms.Keiko. She's extremely tolerate my illiterate writting. Meanwhile our Indonesian teacher now has a motto that 100 is the God's score. Noone would receive it
-Physic :okay after Mr. Pur and Mr. Bambang had left this school, we got less-capable teacher. I don't mean to offense them but they cannot handle the class that cannot discipline themselves. I feel sorry for them.

I'll tell more one day. It's just sharing my thoughts. I feel really bad for telling my teacher like this in the cyber world. But those kinds of teachers demand us to work harder. I won't thinking of the negative things about that but I'll take the good things about that^,^ They do make my school-life colourful :D

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  1. wow! it's amazing! You've got talent :)

  2. amazing!you're talented!

  3. Wow. Great drawings:)

  4. so nice this drawings!!!! i am a new follower of u on gfc wanna do the same? tks giulia

  5. nice! lovely drawns

  6. i'm in love with this!

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  7. So beautiful drawings, you're really good!

  8. So beautiful drawings, you're really good!

  9. Really great sketches, Jesille! And nice of you to post again! Really great! :) Cool stuff! :)
    I understand why you post those personal school stuff. You also need a venue to vent. Don't worry dear!

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  11. Amazing sketches dear! I love the last one the most! kisses chris

  12. I like your drawing. Nice. :)
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  13. you're a fantastic artist! i love the first picture best.

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  14. Hello,
    Really super drawing. Fantastic.

    Tapo Si

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  17. beautiful drawing! :)


  18. Oh wow!! you're so talented! I wish I could sketch!


  19. you're really good in drawing!!
    seriously, it looks liek anime, erm, it IS anime!
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  21. Preciosas imágenes. Gracias por tu visita.

    Un saludo so chic.

  22. Great drawing! You are so talented

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    jessie xx

  23. Cute drawings ;)))

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