Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fluffyish Morning Breeze

Hello everyone. Really sorry for very late post. I’m currently rather busy and not putting all of my attention to blog. Moreover, my city, Jakarta is in disaster. Yeah flood, it has been an issue since 1600’s. Garbage, wasted green area, dirty river, and all are caused by the citizens(I’m trying so hard not to threw rubbish in improper place but well, it’s like a habit. Even my father asked me to throw the rubbish at the road. PLUS THERE ARE NO PROXIMATE TRASH CAN. I find it’s rare) The PLN has turned off the electricity in vicinity of river and dam(guess what, it’s perforated
Now what we can do is to survive, avoid, pray and improve ourselves. Government will earn nothing with all of their efforts if we don’t participate in sanitation preservation
By the way. This is my 50th post and it’s almost my blog anniversary, Thanks for your support! Really appreciate it :D
I don’t expect anyone to remember my blog first name... Yeah it’s fluffyish morning breeze. I think it’s cute. What do you think?
It’s the theme of my clothes that you might have seen but now I wear in another way . I style it up while imagining land of dandelions, in a village. When the sun is about to rise and the wind blow it away~

Well. It's sheinside coat inside :D I really hype it. So cute
I got the diary when we celebrated christmas in school. There was a gift exchange event. Yeah I got it, randomly. Although I know the quotes on it rather pointless. Maybe it's caused by different grammar and words order between Chinese and English(it's made in China)
I need new diary for sophomore and then... zinnggg. there the diary. really sweet :)

Sorry there's no new stuffs here...
I cannot buy new stuffs. I’m sad but I feel grateful. What do you think if the flood deluge my house(that’s luckily not) and wreck my stuffs (that I have). It's even worse right? I can tolerate human nature that’s not easily satisfied but I don’t forgive people that are disgrace, distress and assume their life is so miserable. We want more? yeah... but we’re happy for what we have
Currently I saw many post where people are not enjoying themselves(include me maybe?) . I feel annoyed with all melancholy people that tell themselves are not loved, need a support... without motivation inside... without grateful feeling.I’m not trying to step on their feelings but I'm going to cheer you up and give you some motivations to live! There is no people that can make you comfortable every time, can stay forever with you or read your mind, know what you want, do what you want... If you’re still retarded with those stuffs, happily ever after will never exist.
The first thing you need to know that you are loved(because first happiness is to loved and be loved). Ayee you know you have God right?
Second, be free from negative thinking, stop cursing your life and start to feel happy for what you have. This is just my method when I’m down and wanna mumble(It’s hard but worht it. You will face many problems, if you stuck with one, you won’t move forward so the first thing we need to do is grateful, happy and optimist. Happiness is important to enjoy life):
1. Take a deep breathe and empty your head( meditation and hypnotist are the most worthy things to our psychological)
2. Think what will we do if we’re run out of air, without hand, without eyes, without parent, without house, without what you have but you’re not grateful with it
3.Hypnotist yourself with motivation words repeatedly( I read a book about the power of words and hypnotic in deep trance)
4.Think with what you feel now
5.Think your last problems that are solved
6.Think your problem now... Think that it will be solved like another problems... Think the lesson that you got from your previous problems, can it save you from your current problem? Make sure yourself it can
7   Think about the possible solutions
8.Take a deep breathe and start over your life with grateful!

This is only my advice. It may or may not work.  I hope it works and make an inner motivation within you. Remember your new year resolution?

By the way about my blog. I hope I can blog better! And also keep in touch with you guys 
see you in next post


  1. Your outfit is really cute! sorry to hear about the flood though! hope it gets better soon.
    I agree with you that we should motivate ourselves!

  2. great hatand bow!! so cute!! I hope everything gets better!
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    kisses. elena :)

  5. your sense of style feels so right

  6. Hi thank you for visiting me: I hope everything gets better, I find you a nice young girl with great style:) keep bloging and smiling:)))) would you like to follow each other?:)

  7. I hope that soon everything will be fine;)
    You look lovely;p

  8. Thank you for your comment! Following you now!

  9. I heard about the flood... too horrid and scary. Sorry it happened :( Be safe!
    You look lovely still.
    x, Lara

  10. agreed with your writing :)
    anyway, hope all things are getting better really soon at Jakarta!
    stay healthy yaaaa!

  11. Cute bag! :)

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  12. Ciao, I hope that things are going better !

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  14. I really hope that situation will get better, I'm so sorry to hear how tough it is. But it's amazing how, no matter what, you still managed to write a optimistic post, it's very touching :))
    If you want, we can follow each other, just let me know :))


  15. I hope you're doing ok dear! Stay safe!
    SheInside coat is cool and cute! Nice post dear!
    Happy blogversary too! :) Happy weekend!

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  35. You look happy =)
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  36. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Rubbish to hear about your town but st least you're ok :)

  37. Fun look.
    xo Annie

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  42. so sorry for the devastation to your hometown :(

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  45. Hopefully your area becomes clear and safe again! It's been raining a lot here and it's been inconvenient, but nothing like a flood!

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