Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Chrismation sacrament is the last initiation sacrament in Catholic church.

I was not really well-prepared. St.Antonius Padua church and my school organized this chrismation sacrament preparation. Chrism sacrament is well-knowned as a sacrament towards maturity creed. All Catholic students that minimal 13 years old in my school were participating. The lesson-time was not really well-scheduled and inclined too fast.
The lesson was  about the holy spirit and how to be mature in creed.  I think the schedule made the lesson was less potential for the chrismation candidates as it was delegated every friday after school in a small class filled with the less motivated sweaty candidates(There are 100 people in maximal-capacity-50-people-class ).

I hope after receiving new name,Margaretha, a martyr that once again killed because of religion, I came out as a brave person. The thoughtfulness of this initiation is the candidates attracted more to the status. Well, many people can easily acts religious, quoting what is written in bible. Anyway I spotted there are 2 same things of all religion. Directing human to God and teaching kindness, affection and love. Sadly, what people learn from religion isn't affect much of their life. They can say easily "forgive" but they also wish "karma" for them. Forgiving doesn't wish karma of what they've done :s

And here my cute oasap highwaisted skirt with my tanktop that still a part of a cropped top

my crop top colour is... still confuse to determine whether it is scarlet,pink,red fanta, or what ?

These photos got random filter because some photos were not really well-captured. Still can't have outdoor photosession. It is really hot outside. I might collapse sweating with my new top

As you know this cute skirt is sold at oasap.com . I spotted the other collection of them too. Amazing! visit them too here: clickme


Monday, September 3, 2012

Believe Love Chemi-stripes

Hello everyone

 I feel rather depressed when writting this. What do you feel after trying really hard and fail again? sigh. I always release it by eating too much. I'm gonna be a glutton I think. Miscommunication always happens when I try to tell someone what I really want. I don't know why its really hard to express something recently.

I'm really weak at volley and I got 65 for it. I need at least 80 to cover up that score. My math score is even worse. I dont think I don't understand the matter as math always making sense to me. But I dont understand how my teacher evaluate it. My friends protest the math teacher because of this illogical valuatian and demand our class teacher to change the math teacher. Actually they'd never objected the math teacher by themselves. I think changing teacher without telling him what's his fault is rude(Although I hate his illogical valuation too)
So what should I do now? My score is below the default score.

  Anyway we always have many things that make us happy too. Here are some things that make me happy
too big but... Okay!


Btw sorry for some craps in my posts. I think its really hard to keep something stay posting something good. Many people always post something good, some always post something awful, some post something craps in the beginning then it becomes better and some do it vice versa

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