Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Day to Back and Go

I feel sorry to leave my blog pretty long. Guess how much? About three years and I don't think I will do better this time. I think my writing in this blog will be intermittent and uncertain.

I'm grateful to fill my life outside this blog and experience many new stuffs.
I also apologize for my past self which somehow disturbed you with my follow for follow. I'm not buying those things again.

I could not promise this blog to be very active.

I have been accepted in national university in my country, majoring chemical engineering and I'm cocksure it will be very hectic. The engineering also implies that I won't be exceeding certain limit in styling up. I choose basic and comfy clothes most of time. I don't have an abundance of leisure too.
Maybe you're asking what did I do for several years?
I put my eyes and heart on my study. Microscopic world took my interest all of the sudden and that's why I choose chemical engineering.
I attended olympiad class in my school. My school was not very outstanding in academic competition but they did support me so much. I'm lucky I won bronze medal in my second chance.
I hope I can do much but I still got works to do.

Here are some nice photos I've taken these past years.

  a bit of fashion part?

  a bit academic side?

Making new amazing friends on national olympiad camp!

we had fun during camp too!!

We enrolled by chance!

My friend, Hugo, my math tutor and excels at almost everything! He can speak many languages and I'm still muttering English!

squad(?), and best friends I found in SHS!

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