Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Obstinate Creature

Hello everyone.I think I have irrelevant title for post again. Anyway I will commence this post about what I'll do in the future.I want to have a freelance job that doesn't bind me with deadlines.
I think I want to be an indepedent designer and has my own brand. Anyway maybe I have to start it by working in other style-company and make designs for certain brands. But I believe I will free at last and get sufficient money to start my label.
In my dream, I want to have a cafe too. I'll name it "puke rainbow"! Okay I think We will talk about my dream in other opportunity. Here I wanna share my favorite fashionable girlband, F(X)
Newest album of f(x) is really beat up! I love the music and the fashion too. What a simple and great mix 'n match. Many people consider SNSD and 2ne1 as the most fashionable girlband. But I think you need to watch electric shock MV and see how many outfits they wore and how stylish it is. Really appropriate to teen's fashion

Krystal! Love your way to tuck in the front part of your top and let the back part out

You rock it up too SULLI!

Cant say anything . Really love how she tied her loose tee at her back. I once did it and my parents thought I was freak but they said that It was cool too. You clear it up Krystal! Thats fashion!

By the way I went to TMII, but I couldn't go to the technology museum cause I and my friends were left by my friend's father that brought car. So enjoy the nearby museum!
Me with my friends , at reptile museum, touching a phyton

I don't like this poisonous snake. but its colour is really colourblocking!<3

she is so cute! I mean the snake

I was wearing my favorite sheery stuff covered with my vintage top. I ever posted about this outfit. Unbelievable that they can be mixed and matched! 
My new hat from Bali

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