Saturday, November 10, 2012


I was going to start my story. Recent days, I went to SVD'S HOMESTEAD for a spiritual retreat with my friends. It is a very beautiful place

Actually we all can't wait any longer for this trip. I have prepared for it.

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need 2 bags

We were estatic about this event! We went there by bus. We reached the place in 2 hours. We were really amazed with the place and the interior. The scenery was really beautiful. it didn't look like we're in Indonesia. Indonesia has been really beautiful but the master plan of the urban area seems ruin that. 
THIS IS DIFFERENT , not too natural actually but not too modern. The weather is good and not too hot like in Jakarta. It's quite silent and cool. A little remote place for meditation
because words cannot describe beauty, here are some photos of heaven on earth
the place we stayed for 3 days!

101, a dalmation or Lol room?

going for a walk to "BETLEHEM" with crocs.

hmmm is it a retreat house?

I just love trees

an English style house

how my friend having fun by taking pose

"white house" this the hall of meeting

"the station of the cross" or via dolorasa
They were taken in the last day. Thank you so much for the amazing time and lessons here!
Actually it's all about self-projection toward a successful future( for students now it means to pass the UNAS well).

All events here are inspiring but the only reason it's disturbing is the "crying session" We were gathered in room and then we heard a true story about us against our parents. 
Many friends of mine were crying. hummm It doesn't mean I'm senseless or don't love my parents but I think parents always want their children smile. How can we make them smile if we're crying babies?
Don't cry here and regret but improve my attitude toward them and say sorry. Keep them smiling and do not hurt them.
Better than cry now and do the same thing again toward your parents.

By the way here me with my newest photoshoot.

nothing much to say but this is a blend between feminine and masculine. Ah really hope this jacket my from leather. I think it will rock more.

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