Sunday, April 15, 2012

Among everything

Hello guys.
Recently,i thought I dont always like comments like "cute" "nice photos" or everything that seems like beat the bush
I know my style is not that good so I hope if you are commenting...please criticize my style,as its not insulting,I will always appreciate it

I just read the last book of Ghostgirl.It inspired me as well.The author,Tonya Harley...So wise!
And yesterday,I bought cosmogirl again... Well,this is an inspiring quote

  "If you find you are different from another.Dont change"-Taylor Swift

When we are arguing why noone can make us happy..
Just think :

"do not ever expect to have a person who can make us happy because the person is not necessarily happy for himself"

so be witty ...Dont be so rely on oneself cause they also cannot stand on their own feet,Thats why we're born to be a social creature

I wanna share about a story...There is a friend of mine...That uses me like google
I dont get mad but I just wonder...Why you no cleverer??!you said you are such clever
But why ?when you are  looking for something that is common, you ask me? Or why you dont utilite the technology progress?
well,I dont want to judge
You can blame,judge and underestimate your friends and tell it to me.But you cannot find your own fault

Sorry to resemble you to your "annoying" friend.But as you know,we have to realize our own inadequancy

By the way.I think my outfit today is look like cowboy^^
Sorry for bloated belly:p
This is the summer style that I want.I supposed to use boots.But ,I use wedges... this wedges have floral motif that I think nice for spring season
I wonder whether its wedges or platform

I feel really like back to 80's era...not too vintage .But just be awesome
My wishlist is a big belt thats look like Obi...wait?what?!
Yeah thats it

And here the wedges that has floral motif inside <3

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