Friday, March 22, 2013

Phthalo Skies with Sammydress

Hello. I've just finished my school exams today. I feel so relieve to do my best... Well, after all these tests, I can see my weakness more obvious,I'm not neat(I think most of them have a very slight mistake, and It displeased me)  .

I'm so sorry for not putting too much effort in writting this blog, or even pouring ideas through literature. I will have been finished the national exams by May. So, I will put more attention here. I wish I can do better in national exam then.

By the way, This look(skirt and sweater) is sponsored by Sammydress! This online shop offers you great treatment that made me surprise! If you choose "ship today" products. It will take 3 days/ even a day to arrive! Faster than another!

Sammydress provides the best service for their customers, and friendly. You can ask your help through the interactive contact! The fabrics are well-made and high quality although it's not expensive!

What is more amazing? No-rip-off purchase for every product! The price is sooo cheapppp~ less than $20= cute dresses, skirt, sweater, etc
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hype me!
uhh Sorry I used exposure too much. I hate taking photos out there:s

Top and skirt :Sammydress
Sneaker: Champion

Thought about google reader and google friend connect:
I don't know about what is google reader before this information leaked out and warmed among bloggers. So, I searched information that is related with gfc/google reader will be shut down
From the information I got, Google will shut down google reader. I haven't found any official news about google will shut down gfc. If there is, please provide me the link at comment.

Now the next question: Is gfc =google reader?

First, let's discuss about blogger.Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.It was made by pyralab then bought by google company. Every blog publishing service always provides a way to follow other blog.

In google, it's called as google friend connect followers. 

I doubt google friend connect is google reader, and if google reader were closed, I would still doubt that We will lost followers.

The first reason is because I think Google reader is different with gfc. Google itself never provides the difference between them so... I just concluded it myself. Here are some arguments I have. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.
1. Blog reading list is different with google reader. When you open dashboard, there will be bloglist and a link about "read it via google reader". What does it mean? Does it mean that blog reading list is different with google reader? Have you ever clicked that button? 
2. Google reader was made 8 years ago and gfc was made in 2008.(check on wiki) In official google reader twitter @googlereader
They said: We're retiring Reader on July 1. We know many of you will be sad to see it go. Thanks for 8 great years!
Meanwhile gfc is only 6 years. I don't know about the followers third-party tool before it existed. I have used neither blog nor internet that time. If you have been blogging for more than six years, You may have the right information about the follower system those days.
3. Last year, Google via their google buzz tell that they have retired gfc for facebook,etc. They have retired another google apps too. Check it here
But according to this blog buzz : Those of you with the Google Friend Connect followers gadget can keep using it, if you like. We retired most of Friend Connect earlier this year, but we'll keep it running on Blogger for the foreseeable future.
4. Subscribe in google reader doesn't mean follow one's blog via gfc. I have tried it with random personal blog. But if you followed via bloglist, you would be one's gfc follower.

It's just my opinion.We will know whether google reader's shutting down affects gfc/blog followers or not on July. In order to anticipate/keeping in touch of the worst thing, I have imported my following via bloglovin. 

For you all with good will to stay in touch, you can follow me via bloglovin too(see at my sidebar/the end of this post).What a pity, we can't see our followers there but if we know our followers' links, we can check their followings. 

There are lookbook and google+ followers on my sidebar if you are still afraid of losing your following ;)
But I wish the gfc won't go. I have just started blogging for a year!


  1. Love this casual look!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

    1. Nice pictures :)
      Very cool post !
      Your blog is so interesting

      Have a nice Weekend !


      Coline ♡

  2. Hello from Spain, how lucky you just your exams. I like your skirt. Keep in touch

  3. Yes to the burgundy skirt *Internet fist pump*
    Exams will give us hell, but we'll always rise above

  4. amazing look!
    I love that skirt!

  5. Hi! Good luck with your exames! It's hard, but worthy!
    Great look ;)

  6. The skirt is fab!
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  8. Have a great weekend!
    Kiss ;)

  9. Aww I love this type of skirt because it is just at the right length and it looks really good on whoever's wearing it. Goes with most top too <3 Nice outfit :D

    Hahaha I guess all of us Bloggers are unsure whether or not GFC will go away but BlogLovin it is! Following you know <3 Hope you can visit mine too >D


  10. You are such a cutie! Congrats on finishing all your exams! That's so awesome! You look amazing! I' LOVE that skirt, and I'm so excited to see more!

    PS. I'm hosting an international Bitchy Gypsy Accessories giveaway on my blog =D I'd love for you to enter! If you win, you'll get a gorgeous minty-green statement necklace, and it's super easy to enter! You only have to like FB page to enter!

  11. Cute skirt.. Oh Dora the explorer stickers on the background..♥


  12. You look so cute!
    Follow your blog by GFC and bloglovin', hope, you’ll follow me back)

    my blog - Kicky Jane

  13. Last I've heard was that google reader won't affect the followers, just the blogs you're following. So you'd have to import your blogs on bloglovin so you can see their updates.
    Thank goodness all your exams are over, don't judge yourself too harshly, I'm sure you'll be better next time :)
    And wow, love the outfit. The skirt is perfect, and I love how you styled it with the sneakers <3

  14. Glad you finished your exams already my dear! :)
    Good deals from Sammydress! Yey! :)

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    With Google Reader retiring by July 1, 2013; let's follow each other as well on Bloglovin' and/or other networks as an alternative to GFC should it be affected. Thank you dear!

  15. you look soooo cute!
    love the skirt!
    thank you for visiting my blog!
    I've become your new follower!

  16. Congrats, that's great! And you look lovely!

  17. great pictures! you look stunning!

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  20. you just made me smile with this look <3

  21. Cute outfit!
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  22. Amazing look! ;)
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  23. u look so effin cute!! and love that skirt..its fun and flirty

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  25. u're so cute <3!! Great look !! :-))

  26. i love that red skirt!! it can go with so many pieces!! versatile!!

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  27. thanks for your comment! Cute!

  28. Adorable skirt. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following you now (on GFC *and* Bloglovin', since I'm not too sure on the logistics of what is actually happening when GFC is shut down, either)! Would love it if you'd follow me back!

    xox Sammi

  29. love your skirt!! thanks for your sweet comment, dear!!
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  34. LOVE YOUR SKIRT so much!
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  36. u look great!

    beautiful skirt!



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  79. Oh! So awesome. The style, the color......Was so happy to see that the jacket I ordered from was exactly the same sheepskin jackets I have had. This jacket really looks sharp on me.

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