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In my previous post, I discussed a bit about Photowall as a sustainable business model for wall decor. So finally, we’re going to dissect their claim! By the way, There is going to be discount code at the end of the post, so keep reading!

So, Could their product to be incorporated into your lifestyle? How does their business going to impact the environment?

            When I ordered wallpaper from Photowall, I am amazed at how extensive their collection is. They have many options for wall decor, such as wallpaper, mural, and canvas. Aside from the abundance of motif and pictures available, you can custom your canvas design, which is adorable. But, if you’re like me, I think the choice presented by Photowall is very adequate.

            I put my choice on blossom motif by Photowall (you can find it here).  As you can see, the color scheme is very similar and in excellent shape. It really looks like an oil painting. When I pitched a teaser on my Instagram, my friends agree that it looks very cute. Moreover, The wallpaper is also nonreflective to sunlight, so they look comely even in very bright lighting. It is a suitable background for any photoshoot.

I was planning to test their fire rated but I am afraid that I would rather burn my house instead. The wallpaper I choose was in premium quality, so they’re also scrape resistant. I also have tested it with my nails. In compared to other products I know, indeed, it is superior. 

If you buy wallpaper, the paste is included. I find it is pretty easy to hang. First, the wallpaper is already cut in 45-cm width and has a numbering system. This simplifies the cutting process and you can put it in sequence easier than putting puzzles.

 Second, due to its compact cut, you can hang it alone without many obstacles. Lastly, the hanging process is as easy as hanging “wanted” poster. You just need to apply the paste directly on the wall, then put the wallpaper on top of it. Unfortunately, you must ignore the instruction. I recommend using hot water is better than lukewarm water to make the paste or it will agglomerate. You should also let it sit more than 10 minutes to settle. But, most importantly, I must say that I appreciate that it’s not easily disheveled and can be smoothened easily. It makes the picture can be seen clearly when hung, without any bump even in not-so-smooth wall surface.

           Do you know that Photowall is collaborating with Vi Agroforesty  to plant 5000 trees every year in the area surrounding lake Victoria in East Africa? Yep. Aside from selling wall decor, Photowall is one of that business which has natural awareness and support sustainability. 

It also never stock any wall decor (maybe only the blank paper and ink) so you can be assured that there will be nothing goes to waste. The packaging is also very considerable as it’s packaged inside paper box, even including the paste. I see that the business is doing everything under their reach to create a more sustainable business. I believe it is a reasonable decision to promote business like Photowall.

               Ordering stuff from Photowall is very easy. The delivery is very fast! Even though they don’t stock, they print very fast. Immediately after the order is placed, you know that it gets to printing. I am shocked on how quick it was. I ordered at 16 May. The order came from Sweden (to Indonesia-That’s 10,396 km!) on Wednesday! Here is some tutorial to order.

1. choose the wallpaper

2. Choose the dimension

3. If the dimension is less than the width/length, you should choose which part of the picture to print

4. Choose your quality
5. Now proceed to the cart

From my review, you can see that Photowall has lighten up my room more. It provides more blessing to the beholders!

As promised, here is  an exclusive discount offer of 25% on Photowall complete selection which is valid until 6th July of 2020: jessillesilv25
So just proceed with it to Photowall and happy shopping!

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