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If you're interested to cooperate with me, Please read this term and condition first.

A. For sponsored post

The only product I will receive are apparel and accessories. I don't want to participate in any make up/drug sales.
As a blogger, I want to stick to my own integrity. I'm commited to make honest post about the product you're sending and I will not deceive my followers.

Here are several advantages you can get:
  1. Post and review about your product
  2. Multiple links on the sponsored post
  3. Your link will still get refered if I wear your product in other occasion/post
  4. Post on instagram free(you can also ask me to refer it to your instagram account)
  5. Linked banner on my side bar free. If you're not interested to cooperate further, I will remove the linked banner in 3 months.
I can refuse cooperation offer and decide to stop it. Irreverence and harrassment that violate mutual respect will be reported.

P.S : every item which has been sent , can't be returned  

B. For giveaway post

The giveaway post will be delegated with at least 20 participants. As an affiliate, the only thing I expect is the sponsor to make sure the gifts are sent to the winner.

C. For Affiliate and Advertisement

Affiliate will always have a place for their banner during the period of cooperation. The decision to accept affiliation is on me, I can refuse and turn down affiliation if it's not compatible with my moral code, terms, and several considerations regarding your link.

Advertising price:
1. Linked post (REVIEW and PROMOTION on your link): Rp20.000/post or US$2/post

2.Banner in my sidebar (size is according to sidebar width, and length is 350 pixels): Rp15.000/month or US$1,5/month

You can make a trial advertisement in 3 months with Rp30.000 or US$3. It is paid in the first until second month range.

If you decide to have a permanent one after that, the payment will be in normal cost

3.Banner in my upperside bar (length is 350 pixels):  Rp20.000/month or US$2/month
3 month trial 

note: I'm not accepting affiliate and advertisement outside Indonesia currently

I receive payoneer. 
So, contact me soon through my e-mail!



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