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I'm a girl that embraces both of my sides.

Guten tag!
My name is Jessica. I am currently studying chemical engineering in Universitas Indonesia. I love reading, watching anime, studying, and of course designing.

Do you know that aside of my nerdy side, I have unexpected love for fashion. I have numerous experience up to this point, as I learn philosphy first, science second, and engineering now.

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  1. I am following you now! Love your blog!

  2. Jessica, Thank you for checking out my blog. I'm following you by Bloglovin :-)


  3. Hi Dear,
    You've got such a cute blog! I read some of your posts and I really like your life-passion. :)
    I followed you on your blog, as well as I did on Bloglovin' and I'll stay 'double tuned' for your future posts. :)

    here I am:

  4. Like your blog!

  5. Hello Jessica, i'm follow your wonderful blog:-)

    Greetings from Switzerland


  6. Cool header and design! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I'm returning the favor and following you! :)


  7. Hello Jessille, what a very nice blog you have.. Thanks for your lovely comment and I love to follow you too!
    Stay in touch.. <3


  8. Oh, thank you! ♥ You are beautyful! :) *-* And you're blog is great... ;)

  9. nice blog. I follow you. :*

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