Monday, June 11, 2012

Cause It's a life

Firstly, Thanks God for everything!I have done my tests as well as I could. But anyway there were many problems so I rarely played on pc :(

1. I was accused cheating in Biology test. They said I wrote something in my hand and they thought that it was cheating matters.They tweeted many things about me,they said I'm clever because of cheating.They didn't know anything! I dunno know why everyone easily judged someone.I don't like it because i wasn't cheating and it can change my image as well!From well-known to notorious. If you are envy, don't do something like that.This was mischievous! But my emotion didn't last for a long time.Two days after that was my grading class tests.Who cared for something they didn't do?

What was on my hand?
It's a motivational quote, Jesus love biology! that was what I wrote.I just wondered if that was a cheating matters,how could it so brief? Meanwhile the matters are about 22 pages--''

2:Civics test is sodifficult. There were any materials that was taught appeared.Just annoying multiple choices!!! The first time I started reading it,i was like: You didn't teach me!!!
Then when I accomplished the test, I found that 8e has given last year graduation test papers. And the questions Are the same!!!!

I and my friends asked accountability from the civic teacher(his class is 8e!) this was such an injustice thing!!!  He rejected it,he said let it like that.Just keep this!!!!What?!If you want your class has high-average-score in this graduation tests,don't do something unfair.

wanna look my script? check it out.although not too good,I guess

my newest crush snack.... :x
Then I was given new cupboard after the tests.Thanks for everything and support,my parents<3

And also my dearest friends that belive me (always!).Nothing can replace friendship relationship.I don't care about having boyfriend.Maybe I'll have it when I'm maturer.Like yunhee said,"Don't be so proud.Don't thibk you are wise enough to advice me about boyfriend or love.You need to manage your school b*tch!"

I approve,and did Olin
Next my outfit, like emo maybe?This skirt rather look like peplum skirt and I like it
But my body looks so thin.I dunno know the difference between slim and thin.I'm tired being called an anorexic or such a thing.I have tried eating as much as I could:(


  1. Sounds like a lot of stress. It was wonderful what you wrote on your hand, just a shame that you were thought to cheating. Don't worry about it. You did a good thing for yourself. Gorgeous pictures :) x

  2. Don't worry! Enjoy it!
    Have a great Mondy!

  3. awww that's bad!! But don;t worry, if you know u didn't do anything wrong-dont listen to what others say !! :)

    PS-New post is up at my blog, come have a look -


  4. fun shoees!! love the loafers with that skirt too

  5. I hope everything gets straightened out with that whole cheating thing. That must have been a very stressful situation.

  6. Love that yupi as well !!!

  7. You look so pretty!! Now I follow you!!
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  8. Thanks for your comment sweetie! of course i follow you back ;)


  9. Keep your head up girl! You know you are better than that. Nice blog btw. Check out mine if you have a second, maybe we can follow each other.

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  10. You look amazing!! Don't try too hard to put on weight. People say that to me too and I eat more than anyone in our house. Sad to hear about your test problems but I am glad you are done with that.

    Heel in Mint

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  15. aw your style really cutee <3 me gusta :D

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  16. love the coloured photos of you! Great shoes :D

  17. Noce blog and you are sweet girl. I follow you!

  18. Lovely shoes!! I really like them!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I will definitely follow you as long as you promise to follow me too? ;)
    Georgia xx

  19. Cute skirt!

  20. Great post!

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  23. Oh can dey accuse u of cheating. didn't they read it? didn't u say anything? I'd have gotten furious!
    ANyway.. You look really cool!! :)

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  26. Poor you! So much stress :(
    I love what you wrote on your hand, I can't understand why thought you were cheating...crazy people :S
    Don't worry about it, I'm sure everything will be ok ;)
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  34. oh poor you:( it's so unfair to accuse of cheating!!
    but luckily your tests are over for now :) mine too and i'm so happy!
    anyway, you have such a cute blog :) like your outfit!
    xx Helmiina

  35. Hi Jessille! Of course I want to follow each other, I start from now, wait for you!:) Btw, nice post, cute outfit! Kisses and happy sunday!:) xoxo

  36. Hope your tests went well, you look lovely x

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  38. That's so unfair that they thought you were cheating. But it's good you've moved on and had a good attitude about it. Love your shoes in the last pic, by the way :)

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  39. Thanks for the comment on my blog dear!
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  40. I think they're jealous because you're pretty, also because they're assholes apparently. I don't know a person who's never cheated AT LEAST once in their life! And there is nothing wrong with that!

  41. I like the loafers - also, you have crazy long legs!

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