Friday, March 29, 2019

ICECC 2019- Because Canopus is Second In Night Sky

There are many chances but no other like being with Canopus.

Last week , I was very down because the preparation for ICECC in Surabaya resulted in mess of our team. I got too conflicted to concord with my team leader's job schedule and his one sided decision, that deprives our physical and mental health.
I am a firm believer of not doing unnecessary [mostly] useless effort approaching the battle days, whatever type of battle. Indeed, so I recommended him to take a break and try to go with clear mind.

However it seems, he was not satisfy with bad stopping result recently, which actually mapped back to many brute decision, such as overworking, intimidating other team member every time we got weird stuffs, and other selfish action, which other team members hate.

I am a fighter so I fought for my freedom in choosing to come or not, establishing balance with my schedule for ONMIPA, mental health, and eye health. If there were never been this conflict before, I believed he would never realize his fault in leadership. The bullshit words of : USAHA TIDAK AKAN MENGKHIANATI HASIL is the dumbest claim ever. Indeed, we need to work hard but not that hard to point of exhaustive, stressing and impending creativity. To be noted here, no one guarantee your success eventhough you work so fukin hard. The last trial before we went to Surabaya was the most hateful moments I have.

Because I want to be professional, I try not to bring up the conflict upon the departure. We talked and familiarized like usual, and just took a relaxing enjoyable ride on train, despite we were bringing the hugest bagagge we could carry.

The tightness was loosening during trip to Surabaya. I know that I need not to be distracted in the real battle. I must put aside ego and personal feeling.  The fact that I don't expect anything good from my trip and just thinking of rushing back to university life turned out to make me find serendipity in Surabaya.

I actually love the trip, love the moments, love the competition.

I don't have bar to measure and things turn out to lay steadily like a carpet rolled below me.
The first day was spent to return energy and do lawyer like activity in technical meeting. It is always boggling that ITS make the most ambiguous, unclear rules and rundown in such big event like ICECC.

I know they're trying to maintain their long time winning strike, BUT B****! Don't wake up revolting spirit of UI student to ruminate the content of your guidelines!
The most surprising fact that we heard that time might be that we can use conventional battery to power arduino. The follow up of our vague plan was to create a battery powerful enough to power arduino, motor and bumper... So this news hit my electrical consultant like : I cancelled my decision not to run again this job, I will do it again then.

During PGD era, he was very stressed in picking up strategy to minimize power consumption of arduino, so our 7V,2A battery could run smoothly with minimal load. Now? It means one of his biggest worry can be thrown away out the window.

The first day, we decided to seek refuge in MCDonald as we were not allowed to run trial or play chemical in hotel. It is reasonable I know, but SHUFFLING team in random room was terrible idea. It makes our discussion become difficult and make a strange switching places amongst participants.

One of other participants are even more desperate that they do trial in front of a minimarket across our hotel like a homeless person. I really don't know who the f**k get the idea like : WOW Let's do trial in such ideal place where everyone can watch including unknowing passerby!

You get the idea.

The next day, presentation format is being showed as booth where everyone can ask everyone and everyone can be everywhere doing research. The judges will just passed you and asked questions. If they're interested so much, they will just talk very long and another unpublished rundown from ITS that you can only talk to judges in designated time, making it less flexible to explore and present how brilliant our idea was.

However, it was kind of success happy day. During Friday prayer, the girls even talked and discussed many stuffs we go through and how we have understood one another pretty well.  In conclusion, I feel pretty nice being there than being in university. It was so dreamy and I wonder that I am able to accomplish so many activities in a day.

During the night, we gathered around and discussed strategy. To be honest, it was much more prepared and precise than PGD era, despite still lacking back up plan when we faced condition like the surprising race day. I bought chattime finally! After being fed really unsavoury food at ITS.

love my black eyebrowsss
The problem started when we realized that we cannot get the rundown of team who performed first or last at once. It is being drawn successively. However, it turned out to be great idea that makes us more awoke in the first race.

However, in second race we're too lenient. Actually I hate it, the fact that people watch other people performance in the middle of preparation. Because FUK IT, there is nothing you can do about other team's performance at that time. They will succeed and you cannot prevent it, they will fail and everything there is out of your control. The important thing is to focus on stuff you can manipulate. Stuff that is under your control.

And that's another opportunity slipped from Canopus due to its inaction. Yet we're still getting pretty nice result. From report we received, we found out that, we're not only winning 2nd best presentation but also
-6th position overall
-2nd best safety
-2nd best car concept

That was definitely something that is a must or maybe I would say deserved by Canopus. I want to argue that we deserved better tbh because our battery was undergoing crazy changes until hitting that high efficiency. It was very fun nevertheless. I wish I can bring Canopus team to more victories and even AICHE


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