Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Nourishing Friendship

Continuing life requires people to split into different path. Somehow their line will never cross again. To have a relationship in which favorable to anti bonding, there should be effort to make the bond stay. In parpis, I usually try annual meeting recipe and the frequent option is during the Lebaran.

It is very interesting event. We have reach a point in which my friend is now legal and allowed to drive his own car. It was only dream when we will travel with someone on the driving seat. It has been done now. Maybe we're still estranged in unrelatable universe but we still have common past.

The conversation around our junior high school life makes us realized how much time gone and how old we are. There are many things that change and sometimes it is a good one. In our JHS, there are a lot of brawl and life was difficult for us. There we are united as the odds around the odds. We know many people and we are usually the wallflower. We understand the condition of our friend and how we're treated badly. It is really time to accept there are many bad things have gone and how we have surf life and be together again.

My friend has understood my past ignorant self and how I cannot speak in understandable way with many people.
I understand how life was hard for my friend when she was bullied of her dancing career and her figure.
I understand how life was with my friend and her dramas.
We have come to term about what we have in past and what we have left. Still, we're still here with each other telling a whole new story of our different universe. The people we share joke with, is still the same people.I don't know what is ahead but thanks God, I still can befriend with these people.

Indeed time has changed.
For example, look how many ducklings have turned into fabulous ducks!

shoes- Nike Air Thea
Pants- Uniqlo
Hoodie Crop Tee- Stradivarius
Bag- En Ji

Life has splitted us and returned us back again.


  1. such an elegant styling! love your bag<3


  2. You're right...friendship is important!


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