Thursday, August 17, 2017

Black Dress Never Does Wrong

Good morning fellas!

It seems blogger has become lesser option in this year especially with the growing community of instagram. I've started to notice that the flexibility of instagram has shifted flocks to there (including sponsorship and endorsement). However, I still have faith in blogging world as I think I can elaborate much more in a blog post than instagram. If you think you'll can reach me better in instagram, go follow my account @jesslare

Talking about fashion lately, It's safe to say LBD is a timeless option to be stylish. Several weeks ago. I attended a wedding ceremony in black dress, of course wishing no ill to the bride.

I have pretty weird body proportion. My upper body has low capability to store fat, resulting my slim arms, waist and breasts. But when it comes to my hip and buttocks, it gruesomely store excessive fat there than anywhere else. It makes my skin around them stretch out of limit. It become problem when I wear pants because there's thin available 'exactly' fit jeans. I have very small calf and it seems my middle body potrude out of line. It's not that I hate them or I'm not confident. I just have obsession to excellent proportion, and somehow it's a bit off.

To tackle it, I wear clothings which are capable to flaunt the good and fix the bad. LBD is the most attractive option. This is why I picked them in the store.

It reminds me of my old saying: don't wear beautiful clothes, wear clothes that make you beautiful. It sounds so superficial in this era but it's indeed still a good advice of picking outfits.

Golden rose sneaker-Nike
Glitter slingbag

By the way, if you're familiar with my instagram, you might realize my current business. I'm delegating synthetic biology conference in my university. That was such a good talk.
I also contributed in certain news platform. That platform is nice for attracting million readers, but pitifully it's hard for me to engage the readers on serious matter. I wrote several articles and the ratings are vary. It seems a dumbed-down, cognitive biased resounding type of article gets more views than educative ones.

It makes me sad.


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