Friday, January 5, 2018

What Happened When You're 17

So yep I'm 19 and I have just posted what happened in my 17 now.

Basically, mediocre teenagers in their 17 delegates what they called as SWEET 17. I was part of the hype and I can tell you 17 was by far one of the best year in my life, maybe rank first or second.
In my 17, I went to party a lot. I am nurtured as homegirl which is pretty conservative way to raise a girl. Precisely, since my senior high school day, I was liberated more than I had been.

I went to karoke a lot, partying study in friends house, making base, and coming home late. One of my close friends delegated her sweet seventeen next to notorious Jakarta bay. But it was late night, so no one bother to see the color of the water.

This one is the infamous scandalous photo. Well, I'm just making it up because they look good together.

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